Current Trends For Saving Our Planet – Can We Sustain Them?

The environment and being eco-friendly are two topics that regularly work their way into national media publications throughout the world. The threat is imminent, yet many individuals and even influential businesses are failing to recognize what they can do to help. Saving our planet must be a priority.

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Where Are We Now?

There are two main things that are focal points for now; solar panels and recycling. Solar panels have already been around for a few years, but they have only recently become affordable to the masses. There have even been some Government schemes that have helped to gain this form of energy production more coverage. Saving our planet - solar panelsRecycling is just as dominant in today’s “save the world” environment. Most dump sites now have specialist recycling centers which help make recycling that little bit easier for the general public.

How Will This Change in the Future?

There are many contradictory studies that have been published that suggest certain methods of eco-friendliness are not what they seem. For instance, recycling a carton might mean that the carton can be reused. What many people do not take into account are the resources that are needed to get that carton back on a supermarket shelf. There have been no unbiased studies that prove whether or not recycling is actually an effective way to slow down the self-destruction of the environment, or whether it is aiding this destruction.

The same goes for solar panels . Sure, they help us to produce energy. What about the manufacturing and distribution processes needed to get those panels from raw materials to a point where they are fitted on a household roof? What about the fact that each component incorporated into solar panels over time, will need replacing? Manufacturers claim that we will see a return on investment within a few years, but what about the environment?

Developments for the Future

The biggest form of pollution in the world comes from engines; cars in particular. The next step is to develop engines that are efficient. Of course, by efficient, we don’t just mean from an economical point of view. In order for the uptake to be huge, they need to be financially efficient.Saving our planet - Recycling

For instance, take the current scenario. A standard petroleum powered car is roughly half the price of a hybrid equivalent. With the economy still on shaky ground, very few people are going to take the leap and pay more for a car which in terms of function, actually offers them a lot less. Less range on a single refill, a lower top speed and potentially, lower build quality.

Another development that really needs to take place should be focused around saving energy – and consequently saving our planet. Although there are various Government campaigns throughout the world that try to raise awareness, they are not having a big enough impact. Wasted energy is a huge contributor to the destruction of the environment. Simple things like switching off light bulbs and carpooling are all things that could have a huge positive impact on the environment.

From an industrial standpoint, the wastage of heat is a big issue. Many factories and manufacturing plants rely on heat for the production of their products. By using products such as thermal insulating coating, they can retain heat and therefore, save lots of energy at the same time.

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