What Features Do You Want In Your  Green Car?

A week ago, it snowed in Cairo, Egypt. Then, more parts of the Middle East, like Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia, experienced highly uncommon snowfall. The most recent news is that it’s also snowing in some parts of northern Vietnam. Such unusual weather conditions often remind people of climate change, and modes of transportation, particularly land vehicles, are also blamed for these kinds of odd conditions. The main reason is that automobiles’ carbon emissions are said to contribute to global warming. This has led to the development of modern eco-friendly vehicles. Nowadays, more and more individuals are realizing the benefits of “green” automobiles.

When shopping for an environmentally friendly car, what kind of features do you look for? Here are some examples that will help in guiding you while shopping for a green automobile that will be perfect for your needs.

1. Fuel Cost

Gas prices continue to increase, while spending money remains the same. In order to save, you should opt for a vehicle that will not be too costly to drive. Most experts agree that hybrids are among the best options out there. What is a hybrid? The term refers to a vehicle that uses both petrol and electricity. It has an electric car battery that you can primarily utilize so that you won’t have to use up as much fuel. The battery is usually the main source of power when the vehicle is running at a slower speed. The fuel engine gets going when the car is being driven on a long journey or as soon as the battery becomes weak.

Shopping for an eco friendly car

2. Value

It is important to look at the value of the car and not just its price. If you only look at the price tag, then it is easy to make a choice. Just select the cheapest one. However, there’s more to a car than that. To explain, the most expensive vehicle is not necessarily the best, while the cheapest one is not often the worst of the bunch. Value refers to the overall benefit that you can get out of a vehicle, including the following features — safety, reliability, and eco-friendliness. You weigh a car’s value against your specific needs or requirements.

3. Mileage

All car owners want to know how far they can go for each liter of fuel. It helps them assess how much they are spending on each kilometer that they travel. Hence, consider mileage when choosing a green vehicle. Better gas mileage also means that you won’t have to top up your fuel often.

4. Safety

Safety is a very important consideration when car shopping. See to it that the car meets safety standards. Check if it is equipped with sensitive air bags, adaptive headlights, automatic brakes, electronic stability control, and other safety features. Ask an Avenue Wheel Shop expert or any reliable auto professional for help if you don’t know what kind of safety features you need. Know more about these elements because such things can protect you and save your life in case of a collision.

5. Reliability

People often gravitate towards brands that they trust. When it comes to cars, established names according to Consumer Reports include Lexus, Audi, and BMW, to name a few. What about relatively unknown brands? A number of green vehicles are manufactured by relatively new companies, and this puts reliability in question. But instead of judging a brand right away, do your research first before making a decision. In other words, give these new, eco-friendly car manufacturers a chance. Learn more about them from well-known auto blogs or automotive websites.

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This article was contributed by Claire Flint, a freelancer who has done a lot of research about auto maintenance and safety.

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