A Green Kind of Love Affair – Small Cars

Although we traditionally associate bigger cars with the US market, small cars are increasingly capturing the hearts of the American public. In fact, General Motors and Ford have recently increased the importance the small car plays in their overall strategy in order to better compete with the Japanese auto-industry. In the past decade, the percentage of compact or subcompact cars being sold has increased from one in eight to one in four.

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Rising fuel prices have contributed massively to this trend. In a period of recession, people are looking to cut any costs they can. Greater fuel efficiency can lead to serious annual savings, leaving drivers far better off.

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3 small cars that made it big

The VW Beetle is the most-manufactured car design of all time. It was Adolf Hitler who demanded a “people’s car” or “Volkswagen” which could transport two adults and three children at up to 100 kmph, yet still be at a cost that was affordable to everyone. The initial price was 1000 Reichsmark, about the same as a motorcycle of the time. The Beetle’s iconic design proved incredibly popular and over 21 million cars were sold until production ended in 2003. The final car was produced in Puebla, Mexico, to the serenades of a mariachi band. It was nicknamed El Ray (The King) and sent home to the VW museum in Germany, where it remains today.

Why go small?

The biggest benefit of small cars is their low cost. Both the initial outlay and the running costs are likely to be significantly lower than with bigger models. There are so many costs involved with running a car, road tax, replacement tires, parking charges, cracked windshield repair and the ability to save money on petrol is something Americans are increasingly viewing as a huge benefit. Insurance on small cars is also a lot lower.

Largely replacing the Beetle, the VW Golf (or Rabbit) was launched in America in 1974. In 1979, when the oil crisis hit America, its popularity really took off. Dealerships had to set up waiting lists to accommodate demand and a new convertible model was launched. It is notable for being the first foreign car to be built in the US when production moved to Pennsylvania in 1978.

The Prius is the first mass-produced hybrid electric car. It is manufactured by Toyota and has both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The Prius offers around fifty miles to the gallon, which is around double the level of the Beetle. As environmental concerns and rising fuel prices make the classic gas-guzzling American car seem like a less and less good idea, its popularity is expected to rise.

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