Small Lifestyle Changes – Tips For Go Green Enthusiasts

The movie Wall-E shows us the state of the Earth in the distant, but not so unrealistic, future. The movie shows that humans have abandoned the planet because it has become a huge landfill of waste and industrial junk. While the movie is heartwarming, the state of the planet shown in the movie is saddening and alarming.

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Despite being a movie, the state isn’t far from what could easily be the truth. It has become crucial to take steps to reduce the waste generated so that our planet doesn’t turn into one huge landfill – and we can do this with some small lifestyle changes. If the thought seems scary to you, read on to find out the steps you must take.

Be careful how you dispose food

Most of us are careless when it comes to its disposal. What we are ignorant about is that food needs light and air to degrade. Both of which are not available at a landfill. Food that isn’t degraded produces methane gasses and ends up contributing to global warming. This makes it imperative to dispose of the food in a proper manner. Make sure you do not cook more than necessary and use the leftovers, if any. Serve small quantities and rotate the food stuff in your fridge.Paper Waste  - Making Small Lifestyle Changes

Use paper frugally

Trees are felled and pruned to produce paper. This paper if not efficiently used leads to increase in the amount of waste. Either way it is horrible for the environment. Thus it is essential to use it smartly. Reduce the use of paper towels, use cloth towels instead. Sponges are a good alternative too and can be used for kitchen cleaning purpose. Have stray papers in the form of computer printouts, outdated forms, etc.? Staple together and you have a notepad to use. Like reading magazines and newspaper? Try online reading!

Shop consciously

When you go shopping, you will see the high use of plastic in packaging. It is advisable to buy in bulk to avoid bringing home extra plastic packaging which will only wind up in the waste. Also to avoid buying plastic bags to carry your things around, carry a reusable bag to the supermarket. A backpack is also a good alternative as it keeps your hands free and is much more comfortable to carry around. When you go shopping think durability and not disposability of the purchase. You might end up paying more but the value will be worth it. Besides, you save the costs you have incurred in purchasing again. Try not buying things that are individually packaged.

Reuse or cut out the junk!

Going to your favorite joint to pick up a takeout?  Making Small Lifestyle Changes - Don't Forget To Recycle..Carry the reusable containers at your home to get the food. When buying pickles, try buying them from merchants who will take back the jars they sell them in. Reuse milk bottles for future purchases. Take your name off junk mail lists to reduce a huge chunk of the waste generated by you. Whenever someone asks for your contact information, add a privacy statement so that they cannot share your details with junk mail lists.

The ones listed above are very small lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on the overall health of our only planet! The only free lunches we find are the ones provided by nature, let’s at least learn to control our appetites!

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The author of this post, Hayden Blake, is an environmental engineer. The services of the firm he works for, are most sought after for waste disposal in Perth. He implements the various waste management techniques in his community where he resides as well as at his home.

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