Go Green Solutions – Getting The Most Out Of Your Solar Energy Equipment

Solar energy is definitely the best way to turn “green” and erase those horrible carbon footprints you have left on the earth. Hopefully with these few tips on how to make the most out of your new green solar energy equipment, you can reduce using non-renewable resources and become even more environmentally friendly.

Equipment Direction

A big factor in solar installation is to have your equipment facing the right direction. In the Northern hemisphere the south-facing part of your house receives the most sunlight. In the southern hemisphere it’s the opposite – so it’s the north.

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Before getting the equipment installed you should conduct a series of tests and see which side of your house receives the most hours of sunlight. This variable will have an impact on how much sunlight the solar panels get and how long it will take for you to see a return on your investment.

Approved Solar Installers

Another thing to consider when thinking about solar energy is the installers. Choose only approved solar installers. This is because it’s always best to have a professional install your equipment. These professionals should be certified and have evidence to prove they can install solar panels. Why risk a couple of hundred dollars or pounds when you can pay a bit extra and know you are getting the best possible services. Usually you will have a warranty and if something did go wrong they will fix it for free.

At least with approved solar installers you know that the job will be done right. Some “Black Hat” firms will just get you to pay huge amounts up front and come for less than an hour and tell you everything is installed when really, your bills won’t start to decrease at all. This is simply a ripoff. Avoid these types of operations at all costs. You want to go green not broke.

Most Certified Installers will come up with a tailor-made plan to suit your budget, your needs and your home.

Cleaning & Upkeep

Solar panels are durable; therefore they are generally able to with withstand severe weather conditions. The only upkeep really is when soot, dust and grime settle on top of the panels – this is what you have to clean. This grime can reduce the efficiency of the panels  – this is why a regular upkeep of dusting or washing can help improve maximum efficiency. This then means that you can get a quicker return on your investment. Remember, we want to go green and keep the green.

Also remove any bird droppings as well since they can severely reduce the panel’s energy-producing capacity. Cleaning a panel is not cosmetic; it has to be clean to function as prescribed.

Solar Energy Equipment - Go Green SolutionsRegular inspections of the solar panels while you are dusting can help spot problems before they worsen. If you do spot a problem you are generally covered by a performance-based warranty. This offers piece of mind when purchasing solar panels for the first time. This is because you want your long-term investment to be as efficient as when they were installed.

Cleaning solar panels is a two-person job. One needs to hold the ladder while the other cleans. Remember to take extreme care when cleaning solar panels as they are generally installed in high places – usually on the roof. Always take care when at the top of a ladder. We are going green, we don’t want you broken.

Different Solar Systems

Compare the different types of solar systems that are available. Setting your goals can help you decide quickly on what type of solar system you need. If you want it to generate electricity you need a solar photovoltaic system. This is just a system that creates electricity for your home.

Or, if you want to generate heat you need a solar voltaic panel.

Each type has its advantages – but it all depends on what you want to focus in your home – heating or electricity. In my opinion, I would go for the electricity generating PV panels. But you know your specifics needs. Remember to get your priorities straight as solar panels and solar energy equipment in general require  a massive investment.

When you have used these solar energy systems and experienced the savings, you can tell or share with your friends and family how much you have benefited and that might help others to turn to solar energy. Its a win-win. They benefit with savings and the world becomes an even greener place. These are truly go green solutions.

I hope that these simple tips and advice on how to get the most out of your solar systems can help you to turn the earth into a much greener place and reduce those costly bills.


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