Choosing the Best Solar Panel Design

Why would solar panel design be a big thing now? Well, let’s consider this.

There can be no doubt that we need to find viable and cost effective replacements for the fast depleting resources we now consume to generate power. Wind, water and the rays of the sun are no longer “potential” anything – they reflect the best green solutions energy resources that we can now access relatively easily.

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Solar energy has been tapped for generating heat and power for quite some time – I have used solar energy in the form of a 100 gallon solar water heater for close to 30 years now (at the time I’m writing this). The process is simple and easy and has become very popular the world over, especially in countries where there is copious amounts of sunlight – the desert regions and the tropical-type countries, for example.

As this solar-products industry has grown, several different supporting and connecting sections and divisions have cropped up. These have linked the generation of solar power to the raw materials, the production of spare parts and the other equipment, and a variety of services – and that’s the way it should be. One of these emerging services is solar panel design. Designing solar panels is a very important aspect of solar production since people having accepted the concept of harnessing solar energy effectively, now demand that equipment be aesthetically pleasing.

Solar panel design – Easy on the eyes

Solar panel design, Solar on Santa Ana Walmart

Solar panel design, Solar on Santa Ana Walmart—Walmart Stores (

We can’t lose sight of the purpose of solar panels. This is  critical in considering suitable or appropriate designs. Their purpose is to capture energy from the sun and:

  • convert that solar energy into electrical energy that may be used to power all types of equipment and devices
  • use that energy to provide heat as in the case of a solar water heater
  • other uses that we have not yet even identified.

Today’s solar panel comes in an innovative variety of designs. Gone are those classical rectangular objects that sat perched on peoples’ roofs. We now have solar panel designs that display some sleek, lightweight and flexible panels that reflect individuality, creativity and artistic expression. These modern or present day designs provide opportunities for new applications that can enhance the effectiveness of the solar panels and harness a lot more energy to generate higher amounts of electrical power for various uses.


Solar panel designs – effectiveness, efficiency and earth friendliness – the 3 musketeers of green solutions

But apart from the issue of creativity, consider that the traditional solar panel designs used only a single design and was available in a do-it yourself mode. The DIY kits were available in the marketplace and since there was only one panel, installing it was easy.

Solar panel design, Special solar panels on e200

Solar panel design, Special solar panels on e200—Nokero (


Another design was the “linked or stringed panels” – a number of single panels that were connected together making it look like a string of slabs connected in one single solar panel . This was very effective in collecting (panels were sometimes called collector panels) larger amounts of sunlight and conversion was more effective as more power was made available.

One of he most popular and what we often see today is the modern innovation of the traditionally invented solar panel design. This has multiple design options and you can get the “right design” that is suitable to your needs and budget – such designs that can harness large volumes of sunlight and heat from the sun and convert that  into electricity to help provide power for the entire household. Don’t overlook your solar panel designs!



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