Go Green Solutions – Solar Panel In Your Pants Could Charge Your Devices!

So this is a new one.  I never thought I’d hear this – a solar panel in your pants to charge your devices.  Well, apparently it is real, and it’s been on the market for two years.  They are being marketed as cargo pants, as the solar panels are down in the pant legs, right around your knees, or a little higher.

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The first one I’ve found, is being made by Silvr Lining.  The pants actually look pretty ridiculous personally, but if they can charge my devices, I suppose that might be what has to happen to be able to charge my devices, in my pants.  Solar-Panel-In-The-PantsThe sound of that is just weird to me.  They are listed as ‘cargo pants’ but look more like pajama bottoms with pockets. The solar panels are installed on each of the pockets, which are big and extremely roomy. The size of the pockets not only accommodates the panels, but helps to carry some of the many gadgets that most people walk around with at all times. When the gadgets run low after a long day of wearing orange bright enough to blend in with a highway trash removal crew, the wearer can simply plug their phone into their pocket.

While many, or all, aspects of these pants can be considered ridiculous – including the thousand dollar price tag – it’s nice that Silvr Lining is trying to alleviate the environmental impact of personal technology. Might I recommend for the future something in a sturdy shoe? There are already sidewalks and dance floors that use the impact of people’s stomping feet to generate power. Shoes would be useful in all weather, and could be used even indoors by chronic foot-tappers. Overall, they’re more reliable and less conspicuous than walking around in pajamas and presenting one’s thighs to the sun.

This seems to be the direction that we’re heading with charging our personal devices that we carry around with us every day.  First, we all know about the standard chord chargers that most of us use.  Now we have the wireless charging pad that you could just lay your device on and it would get charged that way.  And finally, we have solar panel pants that you can use to charge your devices.  The sound of that just sounds weird and kind of creepy to me.

Green Solutions Solar PanelSo what could some of the dangers be of walking around with solar panels in your pants?  Well, for starters, if you’re out in the sun all day, what if they got too hot and your pants started on fire?  That would definitely be an issue to consider before buying such pants.  Another, while less feasible danger, for your pocket book, would be that you spent $1,000 on these pants, and 3 months later they stop working.  Now, I’m sure there has to be some kind of warranty on these pants, as there is with any other technology product or something that could break that is expensive.  I just think that’s a bit ridiculous to have to put a warranty on pants!

Some positives could be that if you are one of those extremely busy people, that don’t have time to plug your phone in, or even use one of those pad chargers, then solar panel pants may be for you.  But the kind of people that are this busy, the fashion of these pants doesn’t exactly fit in with their daily wardrobe.  So the question becomes, is there a way to put this solar panel in your pants, but make it as such that it isn’t a sight for sore eyes when you wear them?  From looking at the pictures of these pants, while you would be at the head of the curve as far as technology goes, you will look like a major dork in the process. Most people can make it through the day with some sort of battery power left on their devices.

So the final question is, is the demand for this technology/product, high enough for someone to put a lot of money into producing them?  My answer, at least for now, is going to be no.  Especially if the price tag on them doesn’t come down to somewhere around $200, if not less.  I just can’t see that many people forking over $1,000 for a pair of these “pants” when they have so many other options that they can use to charge their devices for much, much, much cheaper.


This article was written by Philippe Allaire, a French Canadian with a passion for eco related products and gadgets. This product may not be in his top 10 coolest items; nevertheless it is an item that may interest some eco-friendly folks out there.

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