Investing in solar power for your small business can help to cut energy costs, save money and make your business more environmentally friendly. All of these things will contribute to your bottom line, you may even attract new customers with your forward thinking nature from investing in solar energy.

As costs continue to decrease installing solar energy is becoming a more viable option for businesses and homes alike. In this article we’ll cover five things you need to think about when deciding which solar array is best for your small business.Install Solar Panels

1. You’ll need to make sure you are getting enough sunlight

In order to make your investment pay off you’ll need to receive a minimum amount of sunlight each and every day. Obviously, this amount will change depending on the season and weather, but overall the more sunshine you receive the better.

Basically, you’ll want at least five hours of sunlight that is unobstructed by trees or anything else, every single day. This is optimal, but you’ll want your daily sunlight input to average out to around five hours.

Having high energy costs also will make your solar array make more sense, as you’ll be saving a lot of money.

2. You need to know your options for solar

There are a few different setups you might want to research depending on how your small business it set up. For instance, if you don’t get enough sun on the roof to warrant solar, you might have the ability for a setup in your backyard or on the side of your building. It’s important to know that your options aren’t limited, as long as you’re willing to be flexible with the location of your solar setup.

3. Make sure to explore your options for contractors too

You’ll want to get quotes from a few different contractors, that way you can decide the best price and set up for your small business needs. It’s important to get the opinion and proposal from at least three contractors that gives you a fair selection to draw from. Or, it might even cause you to realize that a solar installation doesn’t make sense at this time.Save energy & money with solar panels

4. Leasing vs buying

The two main purchasing options that exist today are leasing and buying. In buying the array you own it outright. While, with leasing you end up paying installments and are locked in a long-term contract usually around ten years. When signing a lease you usually end up paying off your up-front costs within the first month of savings. While, with purchasing a system the costs are higher, but the system is yours to do what you choose.

Obviously, this comes into play if you are leasing your office space, or if you own the building.

5. Can you transfer your lease contract?

If you are renting the building and have gotten approved to install a solar array on the property, it’s important to look in your contract to see if you can transfer the lease terms. That way if you end up moving buildings before the lease on your solar system is up you won’t get stuck with the contract.

I’m hoping this article has brought you value and you now feel better educated to make a decision regarding installing solar panels on your small business. In this scenario you can never research too much, although you’ll need to eventually pull the trigger it’s important to take your time with this decision. Hopefully, some of the five tips we offered above will help you progress towards the right company and the correct solar setup for your needs.


Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO manager at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design firm. Zane thinks it would be cool if his office ran on solar power.

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