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Where are we headed with our solar panels? Ever since the UK Government decided to slash subsidy costs by almost half of their original offer a few years ago, solar panel installations have fallen by almost 90%, dealing a tough blow to suppliers and installers alike.

The trend will likely continue should the UK goverment decide to press ahead with further cuts based on initial cost calculations and the rise in material costs. They blame the previous administration for its woes saying that the original setup was flawed from the start and was starting to impact the energy suppliers who pay the costs.

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The highs and lows of the scheme were the precise reason that the ministers decided to decrease the subsidy saying that the country would be better off having a contingency plan of aiming for 22 GW of solar energy by the end of 2020 as there was too much inconsistency and uncertainty in the past plan inherited by the previous Government.

Should the present trend continue, however, this figure would not be targeted before a minimum of 169 years. Warnings had been sounded in the past about the need to take drastic action to correct past actions and that thousands of jobs were in jeopardy because of the cuts.

Solar panels, Bike Traveler With Folding Solar Panel

Solar panels, Bike Traveler With Folding Solar Panel—docentjoyce (

The Opposition have claimed that it was wrong to predict future figures on just 3 weeks of statistics but they have agreed with the present Government’s threshold of 2020 to become competitive with fossil fuel demand.

As long as costs are lowered more people will opt in towards the scheme and be encouraged to be bolder. Stricter policies have also been set up to ensure that homes are in line with energy efficient standards. At this time only half of the solar powered homes in the UK are eligible to receive rebates under the present conditions.

The future, however, looks bright and many UK homeowners will start to take action as soon as they realise that the reason for cutting the subsidies is because the suppliers of alternative energy have slashed their prices and due to the popularity shown with solar devices. The decrease in subsidies would not affect the consumers pockets. Therefore, hope remains for solar panels and alternative energy in general – all green solutions.

Price stability or decreases have always been a prerogative for consumers to start buying and this scenario is no different to others. Once credibility has been restored so, too, will the faith of the consumers, who will hopefully renew their faith towards a greener, healthier future.

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