The Many Benefits of Installing a Solar Power Gate Opener

As innovations take place in every walk of life, our comforts tend to increase but with a price tag attached. In this case the price tag is that we enjoy our comforts at the expense of the environment – not always, but very often. It’s about time that we found our comfort zone not at the cost of the environment but by protecting the energy resources, by maintaining the ecological balance and by the saving up on the fast depleting resources provided by nature. Fortunately, nature has provided resources that are renewable and sustainable – like the wind energy, the solar energy and the water resources. Solar energy is probably the big brother and has been  in use for quite some time now. Consider this green solutions innovation – the solar power gate opener.

Firstly using a gate opener helps to save up more than 32% of the power resources which by itself is a great achievement.  A number of home owners have actually opted to install a solar power gate opener rather than the  electric variety that is so readily available.  Your electric gate opener needs at least 12 volts of direct power to function – and why pay for this?  Install a solar power gate opener instead. This should be a cinch for green enthusiasts.

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The solar power gate opener comes with its basic unit which is the solar cell. The solar cell is the most important and vital part of the entire unit and hence it should be given the maximum exposure to sunlight. In other words, it must be placed at a strategic point where a copious amount of sunlight is available and preferably for a long period of time  to fully charge it. These solar gate openers  are now manufactured in variety of shapes, sizes and styles and with a number of unique features. Yes, you might have to pay a bit more for the bells and whistles – remote control, video facility and others – but you have to make that call.  Though the function of the solar power gate opener is similar to that of any other electric gate opener, the only difference is that it is eco friendly solution and uses power that is, well, freely available.

Solar Power Gate Opener

Secondly the use of the solar power gate opener is further encouraged because it is eco friendly and does not harm the environment.  There are no toxic emissions and it is quite safe for even children to operate. It is not terribly expensive and only a one time investment is needed to install it. To reduce the cost further you can even get the do-it–yourself kits available in the market and install the solar power gate opener yourself.  Eco-friendly, safe and inexpensive – talk about wealth and healthy living!!

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