Solar Power Lights – A Go Green Solution

The world over is now looking for alternate sources of energy to light up their homes literally. Since the use of electricity is now being critically viewed, alternate energy sources are now being considered, particularly solar energy. Using solar power lights in your home for day to day use is considered trendy and avant-garde.

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The solar power system is so advanced nowadays that it can easily replace the electricity power that you are now using . This system can be used for:

  • lighting pathway of gardens
  •  hallways
  • and even your backyard
  • In fact the lighting needs of your entire home can be done by the use of solar power lights.

Here is an example of possibilities – Solar Powered Flood Lights

The solar energy is stored in cells – a type of battery – and can therefore be used to light your home. You can even use solar power lights as street lights and this can be an initiative taken by the entire neighborhood to light up the streets.

From The Sun to The Battery

Solar power systems typically store the solar energy as a charge to the internal batteries during the day. Then, at night you have access to the solar power lights. Of course, you can use this power anytime, but we are talking here about lights only.

The efficiency of these batteries has been technically improved so that they get charged faster and are able to retain charge for a longer time.   This way they can provide power for more than an evening. Even if you had a cloudy day, the saved charge helps you to light up the areas where many high powered solar power lights are not needed –  like the balcony or the living room.

From The Battery to The Bulb

In addition, the technology for light bulbs has also improved, so that they consume much less power. This enables the solar charged batteries to remain charged for a longer period of time.  Actually, the interior lighting is expected to be brighter than the lights outdoors.

Improved or modified types of tubes are used to bring the light into the home that would provide natural lighting.

If you want to save on your home electricity bill and also help our go green enthusiasts, you should start using the types of solar power lights that are available in the market. Highly stylistic designs, shapes and bulbs for different types of lighting are available and can be used to enhance the décor of your home.

Parts, Types and Choices

There are many parts of solar power lights that we now use. Solar Power Lights - Go Green

  • they include the collectors
  • passive photo luminescent
  • and photovoltaic or solar cells.

The collectors are the “capture” or “catchment” part of the system. It can also be used to heat water used in your home and pool.

Photo luminescent devices help to store solar heat and release the heat later when they are switched on or need to be used. This is the technology that works to light up the solar power lights in emergency lights and outdoor lights.

Photovoltaic are the solar cells that are used in watches and calculators.

Solar power lights are highly economical in use and can be very effective in saving cost and energy. So by fitting in the lights energized by the solar power you are not only saving your own money but also protecting the resources of this our favorite planet.

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