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While there are many methods of using alternative energy resources , one of the more popular choices in many countries is solar power. Like the sun itself, this is probably the King of green solutions.  Not only is it astonishingly effective, it also aids in the control and reduction of carbon emissions and  the green-house effect.

But its the hot water we want to talk about.

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With solar water heating systems you can quite quickly eliminate or at least reduce the cost of heating water for just about any purpose. You can eliminate the cost and risks associated with using electric or gas-fired boilers.This is a big upside for any green solutions application.

Does It Work?

Of course, it work. As a matter of fact, it both effective and efficient. These green solutions heating systems heat water using energy from the sun using a device called a solar panel or a collector panel. The panels can be located anywhere but are typically seen on the roof of homes and buildings.

The solar panel contains pipes or tubes- specially designed and mounted to capture the unending energy from the sun –  and are placed in circuit somewhere between the water main and an insulated storage tank.

This is what happens in a nutshell:

  • Cold water flows from the water main through the solar panel
  • As the water goes through the panel it is heated by the energy of the sun
  • The heated water then goes into a tank where it is stored until needed
  • So far, and in most installations, you have hot water with zero heating cost. Talk about an inexpensive eco-friendly solution!

Is that All There is to It?

No, there’s more. I said the above was in a nutshell. If you want the nut out of the shell, then you need to consider the provision built in for rainy days. This is usually an electrical power heating element in the tank that can be switched on when needed.

Additionally – and  I am not trying to confuse you -most (not all) systems are installed to take advantage of gravity and physics. The water having passed through the panel can be stored in a tank located above or higher than the panel itself. If this arrangement is not feasible or preferred, then you can use a small pump to to push the water to a tank in any location you prefer. But, I don’t want to drag you to far into the science of the thing.

Bar none, this green solutions process is one of the most efficient, effective and inexpensive ways of getting hot water. Without doubt, any residence or community that installs and uses such a system, will see a significant reduction in power consumption and this translates into savings – big savings.

What’s The Catch?

Who said there is a catch? Well, there is. The initial or up front costs could be a bit high. The equipment you need would include:

  • the solar panel
  • the insulated tank with immersion heater
  • a small distribution pump
  • some plumbing supplies

Then of course there is installation, unless you are a do-it-yourselfer. In any event, you must pay attention to the building code in your jurisdiction.

That’s it.

What’s Next For The Green Enthusiast?

A solar water heater is really low maintenance, and will provide you with hot water all year round. Solar Hot Water Systems - Green SolutionsWith hardly any maintenance and regular inspection, you can easily get 20 years service from this bad boy. You would have recovered your investment long, long time ago.

Contact your solar panel specialist. He is a green solutions expert. And as always, use good judgement in all your business dealings. Solar powered hot water heaters are genuine green solutions devices.

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