Solar-Powered Water Heaters – Keep It Hot and Keep It Green 

Solar-powered water heaters are now gaining popularity as more and more people are using it in their homes. The concept of solar-powered water heaters is simple. You install a water heater and connect it to a collection of photovoltaic solar power panels, which are set on the roof of your house. Depending on the size of your home and your daily hot water requirement, the number of panels needed varies.

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In order to setup a solar-powered water heater, you will need a thermal power collector, interconnecting pipes, a storage tank for water, and the system that will enable the heat to move from the solar power collector to the storage tank. When properly executed, this water heating system can be used to heat your everyday hot water needs, as well as for pools, floor heaters and space heaters.

Types of Solar-Powered Water Heaters

There are two major types of solar-powered water heaters, the active and the passive. Since it uses circulation pumps, as well as controls, an active heater needs electricity to operate. On the other hand, a passive heating system does not require electricity of any sort. In addition, an active system can be utilized in any part of the world, no matter what the climate is, while a passive system only work in places with warmer climates. Nevertheless, both of them collect solar energy to heat water.

The Benefits of Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Nowadays, people are more aware of the environment. This is possibly because of the number of campaigns and advocacy about green living. Implementing an environment-friendly lifestyle right in your own home is feasible. You can start by recycling things, minimizing wastes, and by using renewable energy, such as the heat of the sun.

Using a solar-powered water heating system in your own home can save you as much as 70% from your current water heating expenses. That is a very impressive amount given that your initial investment to install the solar heating system is paid back in just a few years. Even if solar-powered water heater is more expensive compared to regular, electricity-operated heaters, the former does not consume electricity. Therefore, you won’t have to pay monthly electricity bills just to have your everyday hot water source. In the years to come, the heating system will pay for itself.

Solar powered water heaters, Solar powered hot water heaters in Kunming

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In addition, since the heater uses only energy derived from the sun, it does not emit CO2 byproduct, hence the term clean energy. The energy from the sun is renewable; it is abundant and virtually bottomless. Aside from this, some countries even give rebates and incentives to those who are using solar energy-powered heater and other renewable energy-powered device.

Overall, the use of sun-powered water heater may be costly at first, considering the system installation and the initial cost of materials. Nevertheless, as years go by, the heating system will pay for itself. This heating system is a great investment. It does not only save you money in the long run, it is one way to live cleaner, greener and more environmentally-aware, as well.

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