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The idea of driving can invoke different feelings in different people. Some think of a pleasant, slow-paced and relaxed Sunday stroll, but others envision hours of discomfort and anguish as a response to problems caused by back pain.
Back pain is one of the more common ailments that comes with driving. It can occur naturally or be the result of a past injury from anything, which includes car accidents.

As a passenger, back pain in an automobile isn’t such a big deal. You can shift in your seat, take some pain relievers and even move to a more comfortable seat in the car. The big problem comes when you have a condition that makes driving an excruciating process to undergo.

The good news is that there’s a number of ways to manage, stop, and prevent your back pain while driving.

1. Remove Your Wallet

Most people make full use of the pockets on their pants and shorts. They put things like wallets, car keys, peppermints and every assorted item under the sun in their pockets.

The problem comes when you sit upon these items while driving. They can force you to sit improperly in your driver’s seat, which in turn leads to a sore back.

Before you drive, try removing your wallet and anything else that might be in your pockets.

2. Mind Your Feet

When you sit in a normal seat, one of the most important things are where you place your feet. This allows the rest of your body to align properly to the back of your seat.

Your car’s driver seat is no exclusion. Things like gas, brake and clutch pedals can complicate the problem of proper feet placement further.

To help remedy this, try checking the distance of your feet to your gas pedals. IF you have an adjustable seat in your car, try moving it backward and forward until you find a comfortable distance that works for you.

3. Lose a Few Pounds

A chubby belly can make it nearly impossible to sit properly and to sit comfortably at the same time, especially while you’re in the driver’s seat.
Most people are able to get by with one by moving their seat back, but you already know that can cause lower back pain from the previous tip.

If you’re a little overweight, then you might try to take some steps to reduce the overall size of your abdomen. You may find out that your lower back pain goes away once you’re able to sit up properly.

4. Get Some Support

Most chairs are ergonomically designed with lumbar support for your lower back. This makes it easier for you to sit back against the seat while maintaining a healthy, pain-free posture while driving.

If you happen to have a chair without lumbar support or one with inadequate lumbar support for your body, then you should try buying a lumbar support cushion. They’re a low-cost fix for back pain while driving.

5. Seek Help from a Professional

If your back pain is uneven, one-sided or feels different from just generic lower back pain, then it’s likely that you have a locked joint, misaligned disc or another medical condition that needs to be treated by a professional.

Consult a chiropractor, your doctor or a similar medical professional to begin examining to see if there’s something wrong with your lower back.

6. What You Need to Do to Stop and Prevent Back Pain While Driving

Most lower back pain is the result of poor posture, but some of it can be caused by misalignment of the spine, locking of the joints and other more complicated medical conditions.

The bottom line about back pain while driving is that it’s an uncomfortable condition that can be fixed, provided that you take the right steps to treat it.

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