Storing Solar Energy for a Continuous Flow of Power 

When the sun is bright and shining it is time to start storing solar energy. The sun shines during the  in the day, which is when  we capture and convert this latent power into electricity for use in the night. This is a most effective method to save electricity and free yourself from high power bills.

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But what happens when the sun is not shining during the day? This was one of the challenges people faced previously. It was one of the disadvantages in using solar energy as a continuous flow of energy – when it was cloudy or when the climatic conditions were not suitable enough. That’s no longer true. Now, we have overcome these challenge – mastered them even. We have the technology and capability for storing solar energy. This stored solar energy can be conveniently used at times even when there is no sunlight or heat from the sun.


Some chemical considerations for storing solar energy

A very rare and expensive chemical called fulvalene diruthenium was found to be a very effective medium for storing solar energy.   However, research has found a less expensive alternative that can store even higher capacity of solar energy. This form of storage – known as  thermo-chemical storing – is extremely advantageous as the chemicals have longer lasting storage capacity. The chemicals that do not contain the expensive ruthenium have a tendency to degrade quickly and so are not very cost efficient.

The discovery of an advanced chemical which is a combination of carbon nano-tubes and compound Azobenzene led to finding cheaper ways of storing solar energy. This chemical is more effective as it is less costly and has a higher volumetric storage capacity. And what is good about this storage process is that the space required for the storage is also minimal. Talk about eco friendly go green solutions?

Methods of storing solar energy

Here are a few of the main methods for storing solar energy currently.

  • One is by using a system called battery bank. A battery bank is is a collection of batteries put together in a single unit. They look like car batteries but are specially designed to maintain the kind of charging and discharging that is usually handled in a solar power system. Attached to the bank is a monitoring device known as a charge controller. This monitor acts to prevent the battery bank from getting overcharged by regulating the flow of current from the solar panels.   Storing solar energy
  • Another is the Grid-tied PV type system which has a battery backup.  The system meter is used to measure and display the status and performance of the solar PV systems. The main DC disconnect helps the inverter to get disconnected quickly from the battery bank. Net metering sends the excess solar electricity to the grid and the electric meter will rolls backwards. You can use the stored electricity from the grid where it is stored and the electric meter will roll in the other direction.
  • Water tanks and thermal mass are the other possible two ways of storing solar energy. The water tank is specifically useful in heating water.

The stored energy can be used even to generate electricity which is a very good business prospect. By storing solar energy you can ensure that you have a continuous flow of eco friendly solar power for all your heating and lighting needs. You can also use the electricity generated to supply local demand, for street lighting needs and any other purposes that you determine. By making the wise decision to produce and  store solar energy you can be guaranteed a continuous flow of power for every day use.

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