Sustainable Construction For Healthier Living

Consider the role of sustainable construction in our daily lives. There is no doubt that depletion of the earth’s natural resources is posing a threat to the environment and to human survival. The fact is, the main reason for natural resources depletion is human activities. The natural resources, made available by nature are being destroyed by man, causing environmental crisis like Global Warming. This is a phenomenon caused by enhanced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing the temperature of the earth’s surface to rise.

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Some of the reasons for resource depletion are population, fossil fuel, deforestation, mining, use of pesticides, industrial development, irrigation, pollution etc. It is very important that man realizes how important it is to preserve our resources and one effective solution is sustainable living. Man’s greediness to fulfill all his needs has the tendency to destroy the resources, without much thought about what would happen if the resources were in fact exhausted. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against folks creating wealth and living comfortably. As a matter of fact, let me state categorically that I am all for wealth and healthy living.  That said, I am also for go green solutions, and yes, you can have them both.

Sustainable living aims at reducing the use of the natural resources and saving preserving them for future generations. Using eco friendly products and developing sustainable construction practices are small steps towards adopting a sustainable living lifestyle. The concept of sustainable construction is gaining popularity with more and more people seeing it as an efficient and effective way to reduce the environmental  impact. Construction of buildings has both direct and indirect impact on the environment and sustainable-type construction is an eco friendly construction that does not pose any threat to the environment like conventional construction practices tend to do.

Here’s the deal. The construction of any building requires extensive use of water, energy, waste and other raw materials. These activities can also cause environmental pollution and some health risks. Conventional construction accounts for a large percentage of carbon footprints, high energy use, raw material use, pollution, waste generation and greenhouse gases emission. Considering the environmental crisis that we are experiencing globally, and the need for a clean, non-polluted atmosphere, the need for sustainable construction was emphasized.

Sustainable construction uses eco friendly construction techniques and is not an expensive project and has long term benefits on your health and the environment in a number of ways. Some of them are:

• Minimizes environmental impact

• Construction without emission of hazardous chemical into the atmosphere

• Reduced energy consumption

• Reduced water consumption

• Improved quality of air inside and outside the building

• Healthy living environment   Sustainable Construction - Another Look

• Less maintenance

• Environmentally friendly building materials

• Eco friendly wall finish; tiles and low Volatile Organic Compound paints.

• Improves the health of the occupants

• Efficient drainage

• Adequate ventilation

• High efficiency filtration system

• Prevents resource depletion

• Installation of energy efficient lightings

• Improved workers productivity

• Increases the value of the property

• Reduces environment footprint

• Efficient insulation system which reduces energy load on HVAC systems

The materials used in sustainable construction are green and eco friendly and do not harm the environment. It reduces carbon footprint and creates a healthy living environment for years. Ever since sustainable construction has become popular, there have been positive changes in the environment.

Sustainable construction is here to stay and they are earth friendly, protecting the environment and your health. Choose health and wealth with this green living approach.

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