Few pain points are as serious for motorists as the price of fuel, which seems to spike without reason throughout the year and cause major budgetary disruptions when it does so. The best way to mitigate fuel price spikes is to seek out some of the greenest cars currently sold by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. These cars leverage everything from next-generation electric engines to current-generation design cues to make sure cars drive further distances on significantly less fuel. For the upcoming 2014 model year, a few such cars are well ahead of the competition.Green Cars - Green Solutions

Honda Accord

The 2014 Honda Accord is perhaps the single most dominant green car available for sale. While some manufactures have token hybrid or electric models, Honda has actually made sure the Accord can fit into any budget and offer consumers their choice of energy efficiency. To that end, the car comes in a standard hybrid version as well as one that plugs into a wall outlet to charge overnight or while on the road. The electric model delivers an impressive 115 mpg equivalent, while the traditional hybrid can travel as far as 50 miles on a single tank of gas. Even the traditional gasoline engine found in the Accord delivers pretty efficient numbers for new buyers.

Audi A6 TDI

The Audi A6 is the top choice of sedan buyers with growing families and a preference for sophisticated German luxuries. The company’s TDI model adds fuel efficiency to the mix, all without sacrificing the horsepower and smooth ride that Audi buyers have learned to love from this German manufacturer. The car uses diesel fuel to achieve a remarkable boost in fuel economy when compared to the traditional A6, which uses traditional gasoline. Despite boosting its efficiency with a nontraditional fuel, the car delivers 240 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque with its V6, 3-liter engine. That’s enough power to handle virtually any terrain or any fast-paced morning commute, even with a car full of family members.

Mazda’s Mazda3

There is no hybrid Mazda3 available currently, nor does the company offer a plug-in version of this popular compact sedan. In fact, until a few model years ago, the company’s fuel economy rating was among the worst in this part of the market. Thanks to Mazda’s Skyactiv technology, however, that has changed in a big way. The 2014 Mazda3 now gets more than 40 miles per gallon in highway driving, thanks to refinements that have slimmed down its door panels and significantly lightened the car’s overall heft. Mazda has committed long-term to this type of innovation in its compact sedans, giving it a way to cater to those customers who value long-term efficiency as well as the up-front cost of the car at the time of purchase.

Tesla Model S

No article about car efficiency could be complete without mentioning the Tesla Model S. Though it was originally very hard to find these cars available for purchase, the company’s retail scope has increased throughout 2013 and its prospects for the upcoming year look even better. The Model S is a true luxury car with next-generation underpinnings. Its electric engine outpaces some of the best German luxury models, and its efficiency is second to none. For the best combination of power, refined driving, and jaw-dropping efficiency, the Tesla S wins the race. Buyers in 2014 who have the income to do so will find it very hard to resist purchasing the Model S.

Efficiency is on the Rise

Efficient cars are easier to find today that at any point in the past. With hybrid, electric, and traditional models all boasting vastly elevated fuel economy numbers, the price of fuel may once again be relegated to an afterthought.

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By Andrew Handley

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