Tips To Save Energy Around The Home

Saving energy doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work, it can in fact be incredibly easy and even the smallest changes can make a huge difference to your wallet and your carbon footprint. To illustrate, here we will look at ten quick tips that can make just such a positive change that shouldn’t take you more than five minutes in each case to put into practice. Trust me, the difference they’ll make is worth much more than the fifty minutes they’ll take to implement…

Turn Down the Brightness on Your TV


Just as turning the screen brightness down on your phone can help you to keep it lasting for longer, so too can turning the brightness settings on the TV help it to be a little less power hungry. This is as simple as holding a remote and pressing the ‘-‘ button, but if you watch a lot of TV then it will have a big impact.

Use Solar Powered LEDs Outside

More Energy Saving Tips Around The Home 

If your garden lights currently run off the mains then you’re wasting a big amount of energy that could be avoided. Use solar powered LEDs and you’ll reduce this to zero immediately! They’re cheap too and you can buy them online right now!

Turn the Heating Down One Degree

Trust me, you won’t notice until you check your energy bill at the end of the year!

Turn Off Your Wireless Router When You Go to Bed

Want to save energy?  Here are energy saving tips 

Just as you turn off all the lights, make sure to turn off your wireless router too before bed. You really don’t need it while you’re asleep and while it doesn’t use much power, every little bit helps.

Reduce Your Shower Time

Things to do to save energy around the house 

Shower for five minutes instead of ten and you’ve saved a ton of energy on heating up your shower water.

Share Water


Better yet, shower with your partner and you’ll half the energy costs of washing. If you have kids who bath, then reuse the bath water too: it won’t kill them!

Unplug Your Phone Charger When it’s Not Charging

Watch your devices & enjoy energy savings around the house

Did you know it still uses as much energy even when it’s not charging anything? This is one of the main ways that we tend to waste energy without realising it, so make sure you don’t just unplug the phone: unplug the whole thing!

Use Organic Pesticide

More tips To Save Energy Around The Home 

This is as easy as choosing a different product when shopping, but it is much better for the local wildlife and your own plants too!

Boil Your Tea on the Hob

Save energy & save money - Energy savings tips

It takes about the same amount of time, but it uses gas rather than electricity making it cheaper and better for the planet. Use a proper hob kettle with a whistle and lid for best effect.

Unplug What You Don’t Need

 Do you really need a digital alarm? Wouldn’t analogue do just the same thing? And do you really need a digital photo frame? It will take five minutes to put those things back under the bed, but it will save you a lot of power!

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This post has been contributed by James, a technician at Planet LED, a company specializing in LED lighting solutions across Australia. He takes great pride in helping people and assists many social service groups in his vicinity during his leisure time. Visit for more information about his workplace. You can follow his company on Google+ or Twitter.

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