Trouble with your drains - learn the signs

 Trouble With Your Drains? Signs & Solutions

Very often, the first time you realise that your drains are in trouble, it is already too late and the bill to fix them is overwhelming. However if you look a little more carefully, telltale signs can make themselves apparent a lot earlier. If you pick up on these early signs, you could potentially save yourself a lot of money. The longer you leave it before you get them fixed, the more complicated the job will be so the more it will cost. Here are some signs that you simply should not ignore:

Puddles Outside That Won’t Go

Trouble with your drains - puddles everywhere

A few puddles after rain is normal. But if they are still there days after the rain has stopped you may have a problem. The drainage in your yard or garden should be able to drain the water away pretty quickly, and carry it to somewhere safe such as a drainage ditch or out onto the street.

Foundation Erosion

Trouble with your drains - check for foundation erosion

Keep an eye on the foundations of your house. If they look water damaged, they probably are. This can be because the drains are not carrying the water away from the house effectively. This could have serious implications on your house, leaving it open to structural problems and damp. The minute you suspect your foundations are damaged by water, get an expert in to assess the problem.

A Damp Crawl Space

Trouble with your drains - Are the floors bowing?

If your house has a crawl space under the floor for wiring etc, it should be dry. Check it regularly for signs of water leakage and damp. If too much water is getting in there you have a problem and it needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

Bowing Floors

If your floors inside the house are bowing, it could be because your house has shifted due to poor drainage. Tiles may come loose and floorboards may warp and twist. You may notice that your doors won’t close anymore. Anything like this needs to be investigated, as soon as you spot it.

Nasty Smells

If there is a stink from your drains, either outside or inside, it could be a sign that your drains are blocked. You may be able to sort this out yourself if the blockage is accessible, but it is more likely that you will have to call someone in. Stinky drains are more than an embarrassing inconvenience – they could be telling you that something is wrong with your drainage, so get them sorted as soon as you can.

Trouble with your drains - is there a stench or a stink?

Calling an expert in is always the best thing to do, and do it as soon as possible in order to mitigate any damage. Ignoring the problem won’t go away. Lingering water can do an awful lot of damage left untreated, so keep your house safe and hygienic by getting a plumber in as quickly as you can. If you are really concerned, most plumbers have a 24 hour call out service (which you will have to pay extra for) but if you’re not panicking it can probably wait until the morning.

No more trouble with your drains

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Today’s guest author, Tommy Anderson, is a plumber at Wooden Valley Plumbing, a renowned plumbing and gas fitting service provider based in Australia. He is an avid blogger and enjoys sharing his views on a variety of topics in his articles.

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