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When a deep drought gripped the United States in 2012, homeowners looked for ways to conserve water. Pool owners were especially concerned with water conservation.

A few simple pool products and best practices can help pool owners conserve water and reduce energy consumption. Here are 5 energy and water conservation tips for pool owners to reduce their environmental impact:Swimming Pool - Water Conservation

  1. Reduce Evaporation with a Pool Cover. Evaporation is the leading cause of water loss from your swimming pool. Covering your pool when not in use will reduce evaporation, thus conserving water. Energy savings of 50% to 70% are possible by using a pool cover, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s not just good for the environment — it keeps your costs down, too.
  2. Change Your Filter. A clogged filter can reduce water flow, putting strains on your pool system and reducing energy efficiency. Replace your filter to maximize efficiency. Better yet, install a filter that offers minimal resistance to flow, such as a cartridge filter. Consider a filter that doesn’t require backwashing – it will reduce water consumption and minimize the amount of chemical in your pool.
  3. Replace Your Pool Pump. Inefficient pool pumps are a major drain on energy. Newer, more energy-efficient models can reduce energy waste. A variable-speed pump can reduce the energy costs of running your swimming pool up to 90 percent. Check with your utility company about rebate incentives for purchasing a new, energy-efficient pool pump.
  4. Install a Digital Automation System. A digital automation system lets you schedule cleaning and filtration cycles, reducing your risk of running those systems when it isn’t necessary. A timing system also lets you run cleaning and filtration during off-peak hours, which may lower your utility bill. Many modern systems even let you control them from an iPad or other mobile device.
  5. Use Landscaping to Provide Shelter from Wind. By adding fences, hedges, and other landscaping, you can shield your pool from winds that speed evaporation of water and accelerate heat loss. Consider adding a cabana or dense foliage to shelter your pool from prevailing winds.

These best practices and pool products can help you save energy, conserve water, and contribute to a more environmentally responsible swimming pool system. With forecasters calling for another hot, dry summer, we all need to take responsibility for conserving water. Pool owners can do their part by following these easy water conservation tips.

About the Author: Gary Hohne is a president of Hohne Pools, a residential and commercial pool builder in Maryland. Hohne Pools has built pools for the Secret Service, U.S. Naval Academy, the Presidential Retreat at Camp David and other high profile clients.

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