Water, Wind & Fire: Renewable Energy Sources

Let’s face it renewable energy is the only future so you can put aside all this hype about the new thorium fission reactors.

For starters, the thorium cycle won’t be happening in the near future – we will be waiting at least 10-50 years before we may see a fully functioning public reactor.  Why will it take so long? Because the government still has to deal with the longevity of the uranium reactors we have now; then they will have to figure out how to safely dissemble them to make way for the thorium. No only that – there is the disposal of unknown tonnes of radioactivity they have to hide somewhere.

But don’t worry, the thorium is still going to leave us with nuclear waste and by that time we will be veterans at hiding it. Even though the radioactivity of thorium only lasts for hundreds of years, it still has higher levels of radioactivity and that’s still a lot of extra toes, eyes and cancer for our future generations.

Can Renewable Energy Power The Entire World?

Of course it can, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth in 5 days could power the world’s total energy consumption need for 140 Years. If that is what solar energy could do alone, imagine what moderate proportions of wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass/bio-fuel could do for us?

In reality there are only 2 reasons why we have not yet entered the age of only renewable energies.

Energy Giants

They will be hard pushed for an angle and a reason on how they can charge us high prices for electricity. Not only that but they have yet to sell all the fossil fuel to our governments, but rest assured once they have done this they will start pushing the renewable band-wagon because by that time they will have  figured out what price they would deem acceptable to charge us.


It would seem like a lot of work to do for people who you will never meet because you will be long dead so why care? This is the kind of attitude the government and energy giants have adopted and as long as they can race through fossil fuels they don’t really care.

But alas the only time renewable energy will be brought into total production is when we are almost standing on the cataclysmic balance, until then renewables will be seen in patches here and there, one day humanity will see a total conversion but today or tomorrow or even in a decade we will probably won’t even be close to that day.

So when you ask if renewable energy is the future the answer is yes, of course but maybe just not our future. There is no doubt that future generations will benefit from renewable energy but for the foreseeable future we will be sticking to the tried and trusted natural energy sources that are harming our planet.

Unless there is a major shift the mind sets of the powers that be where environmental well-being becomes more important than profit margins then unfortunately the day when we experience widespread usage of renewable energy will continue to be set as far away as possible.

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Sam Watson is a renewable heating expert. He works for AmberGreen who install wood pellet boilers Northern Ireland wide.

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