Go Green Solutions Using Shredded Paper

It’s always nice to help out the environment in any way you can. Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of people waking up to the fact our environment won’t last forever if we keep treating it the way we do. In the future you will probably drive an electric car to work or to the ball game. You might even be alive when they start using renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, and other yet to be developed options – to power every home in the country. But all those things will not be around for some years to come. You don’t want to wait until you’re forced to help the environment. You can start now by making a few changes in your life. Small ones that will still make a difference.

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Every day you get letters delivered through the mail. Some of them contain bank account details and other private information you don’t want anyone finding out about. The only way to get rid of it is by shredding it as soon as you’ve read it. Putting it in the trash is too risky. But a few people have a problem, because some councils don’t accept paper once it’s been shredded. Apparently it’s not great for recycling because the inferior fibers produce weaker products. But don’t worry, because there’s lots of uses for shredded paper and we can have a look at some now.

 Turn it into compost

This has got to be the best way of dealing with unwanted shredded paper. Think about all those important bank statements you’ve been receiving and what could happen if they fell into the wrong hands. Shredding them is a great way of dealing with them, because it would take a pretty skilled conman to rummage through your garbage and put all the pieces back together again. But once it turns into compost there’s no way anyone is getting those digits. Just don’t throw huge piles onto the tip. It’s not meant to be a pile of paper and it defeats the purpose of a compost heap.

Start your fire a lot easier

Have you ever been feeling a bit of a chill but had a really hard time starting a log fire? Unless you’re skilled in the art of starting fires it can sometimes be difficult. It’s because we usually run around the house and grab anything we find which usually turns out to be a glossy magazine. If you manage to find a newspaper you spend ages crumpling it all up. With shredded paper it’s so much easier. Just throw some on top of the fire and light away. Keep a big box full of the stuff at the side of your fire and it’s always available when you need it.

You’ll save money on pets

Squeaky vs the bag of shredded paper

Squeaky vs the bag of shredded paper—oddharmonic (Flickr.com)

Rodents – and I mean pet rodents –  love sleeping in shredded paper, so if you have any in the house it will save you time and energy collecting stuff from the pet shop every few weeks. You’ll also save a little cash, not that shredded paper will break the bank. If you have larger animals you can still use it. Grab yourself a pillowcase and stuff the paper inside. It will make a comfortable place for your cat or small dog to sit. If you have any small children you could even give it to them to play with. They love that stuff as I’m sure you already know.

Give someone a DIY fruit basket

When was the last time you gave someone a lovely homemade gift? You could give your family and friends a nice little surprise at Christmas – or any time for that matter. You will need to go out and buy some woven baskets and fill them up with shredded paper. Now all you need to do is lay all the fruit on top so it looks nice. You can add a lot more than fruit. A couple of nice bottles of wine is always a good one. There’s more to shredded paper than meets the eye.

Daniel Acton is an environmental advocate writing for . In his leisure, he writes articles about technology and environmental concerns. You can find him on twitter : @dannyacton.

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