Tips To Help You Waste Water – Go Green or Go Figure…

We’re all guilty of wasting far too much water. For some reason we think it will last forever, so I’m going to give you a few great examples of how you can waste as much water as possible.

Buy a dishwasher

In the olden days people used to wash dishes by hand. They would fill the sink with a reasonable amount of water and they could wash all their dirty plates. Who wants to waste time with manual work these days? It’s awkward enough having to fill the dishwasher by hand in the first place. Once it’s full you can turn it on then go away to watch TV. If you want extra bonus points for wasting even more water you shouldn’t even wait until it’s full before you turn it on.

The urine must go

Do you realize how much water is wasted when you flush the toilet? You flush gallons and gallons of water away every time you pull the plug. If you want to waste as much water as possible when you go to the toilet you should pull the plug even if you’ve only left a tiny bit of urine in the bowl. You can also get bonus points for unnecessary flushing if you pull the plug after putting something trivial in the toilet. That might be a little piece of tissue paper after you’ve blew your nose on it.

Leaks are hard to fix

If you see any leaks inside your home you probably bang your head against the wall. You don’t want to fix them because it will take you hours. If you need to call someone out to fix them properly it could cost you a lot of money. The easiest solution is to keep a cloth handy and every time you see a puddle of water lying on the floor you just need to wipe it up. This will mean you won’t even need to fix your leak and you’ll get to waste plenty of water in the meantime.

Leave the tap running

There are plenty of times when it’s essential you leave the tap running. If you switch the tap off every 5 seconds when you’re brushing your teeth it will be really annoying. The same thing applies when you’re shaving, so it’s easier to keep the tap running at all times. The tap should also be left running when you’re washing your vegetables before cooking them because if you don’t get all the pesticides off you might get sick.

Take lots of baths

Showers are horrible because you need to stand up the entire time. The whole point of bathing is to relax, so how can you possibly relax when you’re standing on your feet? If you’ve already been standing on your feet all day you’ll just want to lie down. Sitting in a bath of your own dirty water might not be the most hygienic thing in the world, but at least you can chill out. Instead of taking the occasional bath when you want to relax you should take them all the time.

The author of this post is Nancy Baker, a freelancer who often writes for Alliance Floor Source, a company providing quality flooring services. She likes gardening and has cultivated an organic farm in her backyard. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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