Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fuel with both domestic and industrial uses. LPG is regularly used throughout the U.S. It’s a fossil fuel because it’s created from the extraction of crude oil.

We’re going to take a look at some of the common and rare uses of this fuel.

Fuel for Cars

The most common use for LPG is in motor vehicles for fuel. It’s used because it burns better than petrol and diesel. It’s often used as an ignition fuel. Since it burns better, the conversion from fuel sitting in the vehicle to the vehicle moving forward is far more efficient.

It also tends to leave fewer waste products behind, and has the benefit of burning for longer periods. Environmentalists have said LPG is a better fuel than diesel and petrol.


LPG is a hydrocarbon when broken down. It’s used as a refrigerant within industry. It can be broken down into both propane and butane, which are smaller hydrocarbon chains. These are more energy efficient than what we were using before, which contained CFCs that depletes atmospheric ozone levels. The benefits are so powerful you won’t see any alternatives to refrigeration in American industry now.

Cooking Fuel

In the home, you’ll find LPG being used in abundance. You might not have known LPG gas, or cooking fuel, is a combination of butane and propane. These individual hydrocarbons have their own domestic uses.

Propane is commonly used for portable stoves. Every time you hold a barbeque in the middle of summer, you might be using a gas bottle to power it. This is propane.

Butane is less reactive and finds use as a deodorant propellant. Gas lighters also use butane for lighting ovens and cigarettes.LPG- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Centralized Heating

In the dead of winter, you’ll turn on the central heating to heat your home and your family. In both industrial premises and homes, LPG is used for the carbon-based heating systems. It’s easily made and, as of this writing, there’s more supply than there is demand. This is a cost-effective heating solution that far outweighs the value provided by other forms of fuel.

Metal Cutting

Any industry that needs to cut metal will use LPG in their machines. LPG has the advantage of being able to burn at exceedingly high temperatures for long periods of time. The key to its success is in the stability. While cutting strong metals, a stable temperature is required to make a clean cut, otherwise there’s a risk of the metal shattering.


There are many American industries that have a heavy reliance on large quantities of LPG. The food processing industry and paper industry are two of these. Paper, for example, needs to use it for powering the machines that refine and spread the pulp. The arms industry also uses LPG for some types of explosive.

Poultry Raising

The poultry trade needs to have stable temperatures to raise young chicks. If they’re born in the winter, they won’t have the strength needed to survive. A breeder would use LPG to provide accurate temperature control. By controlling the temperature, they can quickly react to new situations.

This article is contributed by Alan Jones. He is an active environmentalist who promotes green and healthy living. He shares tips on how to lead a cleaner and eco-friendly life. He says if you want to buy LPG or Natural gas, click here.

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