Comparing energy suppliers and tariffs in the open UK energy market helps you achieve the most cost effective energy plan for your family. If you are a low use household, however, your needs will be very different than that of a household with five bedrooms and a lot of space. Figuring out which energy plan is best for you requires you to assess how much energy you really use or what your intended habits are for the future. And, while you may see a fantastic energy tariff advertised, it may not be available in the post code where you live. Here are the details you need to compare energy prices in your area. Online sites like USwitch provide an impartial look at different tariffs and let you compare plans side by energy prices

Your Post Code

Understandably, not all energy suppliers offer service throughout all of Britain. If you live in a major city, you may have upwards of five providers to choose from. Customers who live in a more rural area, however, won’t have the same luxury and will only have a handful of energy providers who offer gas and electricity services. Entering a valid post code is vital to getting an accurate quote on energy and seeing which companies you are eligible to sign up with. You won’t need to enter your full address in most cases until you actually choose a plan and start to apply.

Details About Your Property

The size and type of your property will also be relevant to any energy price comparison. A one-bedroom flat and a four-bedroom house will have different energy needs, and the estimate for how much money you can save by switching to a new tariff will also be very different. When comparing prices online, you will be asked to give details about the number of rooms in your home, the type of residence that it is, and how many people live there. These details help the energy company or website provide you with tariffs that best match the amount of energy you will use, and it can also help you find the most applicable discounts.

Energy Habits

The amount of laundry that you do and other specifics about your energy use habits are also bits that you need to have on hand as you compare energy prices. Those households that only do laundry once per week and don’t tumble dry are considered low energy users and may be presented with different options than users who do laundry several times a week and also run a dishwasher frequently. Make a list of your major habits and have it with you when you start to compare tariffs. You should also calculate how many hours per day someone is home on average, as you are likely to be asked about during any comparison process.

Your Current Spending Habits

Get out your past bills when you sit down to compare energy tariffs, because one of the first things you will be asked is how much you are currently spending on gas and electricity. Give an average of what you typically spend – if you had a particularly high amount of energy use during the previous billing period, don’t use that figure. Instead, strive to give a typical picture of energy costs in your household. By providing these figures, you can do the math on how much money another energy tariff could potentially save you each month. If you want to get very specific, you can add up the bills from the entire previous year and then average them out.

When you compare energy prices, bear in mind that not all tariffs are a good fit for each energy customer. Just because a tariff looks attractive at first glance doesn’t make it right for you. Make sure that you compare the long-term rates, not just promotional rates that will expire within the first year of your energy plan. If you are going to enter into a fixed rate tariff contract, try to find one that doesn’t require you to pay a penalty for leaving the contract early. Contract fees can negate the money that you saved by signing up for a cheaper tariff in the first place.

Laura Ginn is well aware of just how easy it is to compare energy prices online. Visit and see for yourself how easy it is to perform a price comparison and see how much money you could save in your home energy as a result.

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