Go Green With Free Range Beef

Now that the green consciousness is spreading rapidly, people appear to be more receptive towards moves that go green. Terms such as organic food, green revolution, and many other terminologies are there for all of us to read and hear. Promoters who encourage people to go green would obviously like everyone to turn towards vegetarianism but this isn’t possible for all. So the next best thing to do would be to see how best the go green drive can be directed towards meat-eating consumers.Free Range Beef - Go greenIn this case we will look at free-range beef.

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This can’t be good, can it?

A practice sometimes seen in the livestock business is that cattle are kept under inhumane and deplorable living conditions. The animals are hardly given any legroom to move around freely. Further, to make such cattle appear healthy-looking, various types of feed formulations are given. Beef lovers consuming such beef are likely to develop certain side effects later on, apart from the fact that waste of such formula-fed, confined animals are a risk to the earth’s soil.

A change is coming

Taking the go green drive to the animal husbandry arena is relatively new but is getting fair amount of acceptance.  A number of farmers dealing with farm animals and poultry have also joined hands with the go green measures being promoted everywhere. So now, you have beef and beef products that are being slaughtered and sold as free-range beef.

Free range farming

For a normal consumer, eating free-range beef would mean that the meat has been obtained from cattle which have been fed solely on vegetarian diet such as grass instead of some artificially prepared cattle feed-mix. In most farms rearing livestock, the practice of feeding cattle with corn-feed-mix is widespread.  In other words, the cattle have been nurtured  by feeding on naturally-grown grass thus making the cattle “organic” which is actually how it should be.

The other criterion with free-range terminology is that the cattle have been allowed to move around freely on the farms without being cramped for space. Thus cattle fed on green vegetation and allowed to move freely is the source for providing free-range beef that one ultimately sees on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores.

The quality of meat obtained through free-range farming is thought to be superior as the cattle are allowed to go green thereby growing naturally to their full potential. The fact of the matter is that with free-range farming the tendency is to use no chemicals and hormones in feeds – at least to greatly reduce these undesirables in the feeds.

Free range – Go green

A number of free-range beef and beef products have been launched and this in turn has helped to some extent for the go green momentum pick up speed.  An observation is that wherever the slaughter of free-range cattle and livestock occurs,  the waste that results from these appear to be less damaging to Mother Nature – thereby helping us to go green.

The pricing of beef  – the free-range variety – might seem over the budget for some consumers, but think of the benefits. We are creating a cleaner, greener environment. Moreover you get the satisfaction that in some way or the other you too are doing your bit for a greener planet in spite of consuming beef. That said, as always, use good judgement with respect to your health and your finances.

Go green with free range beef.

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