The bush screen is a popular type of screen for gardeners to separate their green spaces from their neighbours. These aren’t new inventions. In some form or another, farmers have been using shrubs and flowers in this way for centuries. Let’s take a look at why you should consider erecting a bush screen in your garden or allotment.

Better Than a Wall

Nobody wants a horrible plastic wall erected in their gardens. It’s tacky and it’s ugly. Furthermore, it’s likely to create conflict between neighbours. Neighbours generally have few problems with a wall of flowers blocking their view into your garden. What they will have a problem with is a wall. Bush Screen - Privacy Fences

Local councils have strict planning regulations when it comes to walls of a certain height. The same thing doesn’t apply to foliage, as long as it isn’t creeping over into your neighbour’s garden without their permission.

Promoting Local Wildlife

Farmers will create hedgerows to separate their fields. They don’t simply do this for labelling purposes. They do it so they can help promote local wildlife. Insects like ants and ladybirds will be attracted to these plants. Little birds may also use it to build their nests. With so many anti-wildlife practices in urban environments, this can really help them.

You’ll be able to do your part for the environment and invite a whole host of colourful creatures to your garden.

Adding Style and Character

A wall of flowers is nothing short of spectacular. If you really care about the appearance of your green space this is the correct way to do it. It adds a lot of character and another dimension. To an extent, it can completely isolate you from the outside world.

One prominent example is the ‘Secret Garden’ look. In this case, all four sides of the garden will have a wall of plants. You can go the extra mile and even encourage plants to grow on the entrance point to your garden. You could close the gate and enter your own magical world.


Some of us prefer to have privacy in our gardens. We want to be able to shut out the world and garden alone. Alternatively, you might simply want a place where you can bathe in the sun without interruption. Garden bush screens can add this privacy which you just can’t get with anything else.

It’s a classy way to give yourself the privacy you need, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Bush screens can be grown from an arboretum plant, or you could even bring in sufficiently large plants and allow them to grow even bigger. There’s so much choice available to you.

Breaking Wind

Privacy screens can act as a windbreaker. Your bush screens will stop your precious plants from having to take the brunt of high winds and heavy, driving rain. Make sure you pick a hardy plant for your screen, though! It offers a way to protect your house as well. Those living in more rural environments can benefit from this the most.

Keith Tanner is the author of this informative article. He is a leading landscape architect and a talented writer. He says he finds the Garden Centres in East Sussex very beautiful and refreshing.

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