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Windows are essential structures that you can accessorize. With the right window treatments, you can create a room that showcases a specific theme that’s close to your heart. You can also have fun playing with colors and matching different fabrics for your drapes. But putting up curtains, shades or blinds isn’t just about aesthetics. Window treatments have three other major functions – ventilation, protection and energy conservation.

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Ventilation is about allowing fresh air to circulate properly. People who live in a home without good ventilation usually suffer from respiratory illnesses. Mold and mildew, and other types of fungus, can easily grow in poorly ventilated spaces. Window treatments can aid in ventilation. For instance, sheer drapes protect your space from the full force of the sun while also allowing some cool air in. Thicker shades keep away extreme heat or cold, but they can always be tied back to let in some cool air when needed.

As for protection, fabrics used in window treatments can diffuse sunlight so that you won’t get the brunt of the sun’s rays. Direct sunlight is pretty harsh. It can cause your furniture to deteriorate quickly, plus it has harmful UV rays too. Drapes and shades not only protect your space from sunlight, but these also keep out the bitter cold of winter or the excessive heat of summer. This is where energy conservation comes in. Because intense heat or cold is kept at bay, you’ll be able to better regulate interior temperature, which translates to huge energy savings.

There are different types of window treatments to choose from. Each has its own advantages, and also a few disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few options and how these affect your energy savings.

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains distribute light and let in some air. So, if you live in a warmer zone, go for flimsy curtains that will protect you from harsh sunlight and also encourage ventilation. If your area is well-ventilated, you won’t have to use your air conditioning system during a hot day. You can use an electric fan or turn on your ceiling fan to further encourage air circulation.

Window treatments, Tailored Bay Window Valance

Window treatments, Tailored Bay Window Valance—Posh Living LLC (

2. Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes can work for you in two ways. First, it can block cold drafts. Second, it can also prevent hot air from coming in. So, thermal drapes aren’t just for winter. You can also use this during summer to keep your space cool.

3. Wood Blinds

Real or faux, using wood blinds can help conserve energy by keeping out cold or hot air. You can have your blinds lined for better protection and privacy if you prefer. When buying wood blinds, know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing genuine or faux wood. For instance, real wood is more expensive, but you’ll have so many natural shades to choose from. Moreover, wood blinds these days are treated; hence, they are no longer prone to cracking or chipping. Faux wood, on the other hand, is generally cheaper. But when it comes to color, your choices are limited.

4. Cellular Shades

Unlike regular shades, cellular shades are made of two sheets that form pockets of air in between. These pockets are very beneficial because these help in regulating indoor temperature. Because they create a better barrier against excessive heat and cold, the temperature inside your room will be more comfortable, and you won’t have to crank up your air conditioner or your heater. Also, the side that faces outward is made from material that reflects light, which means that a good percentage of sunlight and UV rays get blocked.Window treatments, Unlined linen in a large Jacobean print

Claire Willows writes for Stoneside. This is a great company that supplies roller shades in Baltimore. They also manufacture and create different kinds of window treatments, including customized types, for residences and commercial establishments.

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