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If your house is buzzing, not with the sound of people partying but rather with the rather annoying sound of a bunch of wasps, then it’s time to take action. (And as an aside, did you know that the collective noun for a group of wasps is a ‘pladge’? Neither did we!).

Wasp nests are a blight on any house. If your house has become the ultimate destination for a ‘pladge’ then you’ll probably want to send them on their way. They don’t do any damage to your house as such, but the constant threat of a wasp sting will be enough to make you politely request that they move on; especially if you have kids playing around the house.

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Before you do anything, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to wasps – a doctor will help you confirm this. Don’t risk doing anything that could threaten your health. Once you are happy that you and your wasps will get along (for a short while at least), follow our step by step guide.

Wasps - House Buzzing

1. Buy a Can of Wasp Spray

Make sure you read the instructions fully so you can blitz them right first time. You can get wasp spray from any good household retailer.

2. Plan Your Attack

Find out exactly where the wasps nest is tucked so you know where you’re aiming for. Then wait until night time as this is when they are most likely to be in.

3. Cover Up

Put on loads of layers of clothes and a robust pair of gloves. Make sure no skin is exposed to minimise the risk of a sting (or ten!). Goggles are a good idea too to protect your eyes from the little blighters.

4. Clear the Area

Make sure the area surrounding the nest is free of children and pets. Then make sure you know what your escape route is. Stand near to the nest but not directly underneath it as you prepare to strike.

5. Ready, Aim, Fire!

When you are sure that you are ready to proceed, it’s time to give them a blast. Spray the poison directly at the nest from a close position. As soon as you are done, get away from the area to avoid risk of inhaling the poison.

6. Avoid the Area

The area should be left alone for at least 12 hours (overnight is good) to make sure the spray has done its job. Don’t go back to check – you don’t want to be faced with a bunch of angry half-dead wasps looking for revenge.

7. Clear It Out

Once you are happy that the job is done you can go back in and start clearing the wasp nest away. Make sure it is all removed and give it a good scrub down when you’ve finished.

Hopefully if you follow these easy steps your house will be wasp-free really quickly but if you’re in any doubt give it another spray the next day for good measure. Good luck!

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Daniel Nestor provides pest control services in Sydney. According to him, the wasp menace is the hardest to get rid of and so has given some handy tips to do away with them in today’s post.

Non-Toxic Products for your home and yard

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